Pat 2

Patrick BRUN was born in PARIS in 1941. After obtaining his engineering degree, he began his professional life as a teacher in mathematies and physics. After this period, he started a long buisness career which was to last for more than 30 years being successively plant manager, sales and marketing manager and finaly general manager of large american company.

Besides being a successusful business man, Patrick BRUN foud himself inspired by the art work investigating alternatively sketching then oil and acrylic painting. In 1994, he finally turned his activity towards sculpture and used clay as the way of expressing his talent as an artist.

He studied sculpture with Jean Dominique GIACOMETTI and then Michel HOUPLAIN, he continues to work with this artist from l'Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris. Although Patrick BRUN devotes most of his times to sculpture, he regularly attends drawing courses at "La Grande Chaumière" an Art Academy of Montparnasse in Paris.

The therme expressed by Patrick BRUN is essentially human anatomy. In his approach, there is no search for mysterious movelty nor it is to belong to a particular fashion it is a simple quest for mysterious novelty nor it is to belong to a particular fashion; it is a simple quest for  some subjects, a strong expressivity takes the lead.

His natural talent for sculpting the human body and his particular sensivity for female curves has brought him logically to celebrate women. Women of so different instincts, vulnerable and strong, maternal and delicate but always full of harmony with just a touch of solidity witch are the complementary signature to his work.

The means of using clay as his primary material allows him to combine the physical contact of modelling with the need of expressing a spiritual and emotional language. The bronzes communicate a contradiction of fragility and forcefullness, they project a great energy, a message of beauty and humanity shines though.